Karri Knowles CMP, Craniosacral Bodywork
Craniosacral Therapy, Bodywork



Karri has a healing gift

  • "I have received bodywork from Karri for over a year; both "traditional" massage and Craniosacral. Regarding the Craniosacrael massage, I believe that Karri has a unique gift. From these CS sessions I have realized both immediate and long-term benefit/relief. Karri is professional and sweet also :) I highly recommend her."

-David Parry-Jones

  • "Having had no experience with massage therapy or craniosacral, Karri has greatly helped reduce tension in my shoulder, neck, and jaw that have been consistently problematic for that past few years. Her care for her work and each client as a separate individual clearly shines through."

-Michael B


Amazing CranioSacral session

  • "I have been looking for a new CranioSacral practitioner and I found her!! The session was all and more than I hoped for. I was transported into a state of deep relaxation and truly felt better in several of the areas that were bothering me. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. I utilize many energy modalities for my health and well-being and Karri is extremely gifted, thank you Karri for your wonderful work!"

-Leslie L



  • Karri has done a couple CST sessions on me and I am amazed at how powerful this seemingly simple technique is! My TMJ is so much better, I'm sleeping better, and feeling a lot more clear in my body. Thank you so much Karri!!

-Alister Lee



  • "Went for a massage and craniosacral a few days ago as I've read massage and Craniosacral Therapy can help relieve pain, tension and symptoms for people with tourrettes syndrome. This was the best massage I've ever had! I felt completely relaxed and as close to a meditative state as I've ever been. My muscles are tense, and after my appointment all my muscles were relaxed and felt amazing! Will definitely be going back as it helps with my tourrettes. Very clean, professional and relaxed setting."

-Ciara M.

effective techniques delivered with compassion

  • Karri always impresses me with her intuitive sense of which techniques to use throughout the session: manual lymph drainage, Swedish Massage, Cranio Sacral, etc. Her skill flows through her work with ease, and I always feel very nurtured and supported. Thank-you Karri, for taking care of me!

-Alice B


Migraine Miracle Worker

  • I am in much gratitude to get an emergency appointment for a migraine in Karri's busy schedule last Saturday. My chiro would have adjusted me without first relaxing the muscles. She got in there and worked on the muscles connecting to the pain. I've continued with a Cranial Sacral appointment which was awesome and now looking forward to more body work. It's time to take care of me. Karri is very competent, knowledgeable, and intuitive. I feel very comfortable in her hands. Blessings

-Sheryl R.


Wonderful experience

  • First time craniolsacral session. Amazed by how wonderful l felt. Tension released and wellbeing restored. Scheduled more sessions.



  • Karri is kind and an excellent masseuse.  I had a newborn when I went to see her and she was very cognizant of the needs of a new mother.  I will definitely be going back. :).

-Robin M.


  • Wonderful!
    "I have been working with Karri for a few months. And my aging body is very grateful. Karri is intuitive as well as knowledgeable. Yesterday I went in with my right shoulder sore and aching. Karri worked on it for several minutes and the pain is gone. I find her comfortable to be around. Her space is soothing and her touch seems to know when to apply more pressure and when to back off. I have worked with many body workers over the years and I and very happy to have found her!



  • Karri is such a caring therapist. She makes sure she addresses areas that need the most attention. When I tell her I need mostly my neck and shoulders, she scopes in on those areas and I feel so much more relaxed and my muscles feel so much less tense. I love the essential oils and the atmosphere is soothing to the spirit as well.

-Pam O.


  • A very relaxing atmosphere with soothing sounds, yummy scents, and magical hands. I'm always tense and crunchy when I arrive but less so when I leave...

-Kay Bliss


  • Karri is an amazing therapist.  As a bodyworker my self, I am very picky and have been to many, many massage therapists.  Karri is one of my favorites.  She is always present with me and she addresses the areas I ask her to work skillfully and effectively.  I am always grateful for her healing touch.

-Usha R.


  • I have had well over two hundred professional massages in the last ten years; and I feel great in saying “Karri is someone who helps me transform my body, mind and spirit, far better than most.”



  •      Great massage therapist and masseuse; Karri was professional and very thoughtful to what would help make the experience more comfortable and was also very attentive and responsive to various levels of pressure needed for different areas of the body. Massage loosened up tight areas and helped to relax and soothe my whole body. I left feeling so relaxed and sooo much better, definitely took away all the sore tightness, especially in my back and legs. Very soothing and interesting music in the background that positively contributed to the pleasant, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Will happily return many times over!

-Christie C.


  •      Thank you Karri, for my emergency Craniosacral treatment last week! I am still feeling complete relief from my flare-up. I had spent three days unable to move my neck without extreme pain, and experienced complete relief from my symptoms immediately after my first session. Thank you again!



  • It is with the utmost gratitude I share with one and all just how amazing Karri Knowles is as a body worker. The title does not do justice to all that she offers in the way of healing and holding a place that is safe and nurturing.  I consider her a healer, with gifted hands and heart and forever thoughtful to your well being.
Andrew Sellery