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Craniosacral Therapy


The origin of Craniosacral therapy is from Osteopathic medicine and involves the rebalancing of the craniosacral system with soft tissue and structural release. Imbalance causes tension, lack of movement between sutures and bone structures, reducing the easy flow of CSF which therefore also impacts the nervous and lymphatic systems. When our nervous system relaxes our fight or flight response shifts and releases tension on the attachments of tendons, ligaments and muscular tissue bringing our body into an upright position which equals less structural stress!  What is defined as the Craniosacral system is the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), interlying central nervous system, and protective dura layer that surrounds the skeletal bones and interior of the cranium.

What does a session look like... you will remain fully clothed on a massage table, throughout the session I will employ a series of gentle hand holds at different locations or diaphragms of the body. I will be following your Craniosacral fluid rhythm, this leads me to the areas of tension and here I hold until your body has completed an "unwinding". Following this unwinding pattern leads from one hold to another and as we follow these releases deep structural patterns and memories can be released and balance restored.

Clients have described treatments as... precise, focused, extremely relaxing/grounding, meditative and tending to leave one with an overall feeling of balance, alignment, clarity, well being and feeling emotionally and physically whole.

Clients find relief from symptoms and conditions such as...Chronic and Acute muscular and joint pain, Jaw related dysfunction, Headaches/Migraines, Traumatic injuries, Nervous system disorders such as - Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), Hyperactivity, Depression, Sinus Problems, Tinnitus and other ear related dysfunction, Birth related trauma in infants, Learning disabilities, Orthodontic related stress, Asthma, COPD, Vertigo to name a few.

Dentistry and Craniosacral Therapy...                   

  • Orthodontics on a cranium that is balanced by CST eliminates the possibility of teeth readjusting to prior faulted placement by reducing the present torsion and restrictions.
  • Specific manual and CST techniques release tension patterns in the jaw, hard palate and facial bones alleviating discomfort related to alignment procedures, trauma or dysfunction.
  • Appliances such as night guards can be painful and bothersome; CST can reduce or eliminate the need for night guards in some cases.
  • Post orthodontia, once appliances are removed CST maintains cranial bone and membrane balance.
  • Reducing abnormal traction and compression on the TMJ improves function on innervating cranial and cervical nerves and influences mandibular positioning.
  • Successfully treating clients with TMD, headaches, cranial pain, sinus congestion, sleep apnea, loss of equilibrium, deviated septum.

The article "The Symbiotic Partnership of Dentistry and Craniosacral Therapy" by Benjamin Shield is a great resource to learn about this work if you are new to it.

Part 1:   https://www.wegdermitte.de/index.php?sid=277

Part 2:   https://www.wegdermitte.de/index.php?sid=278


Client Testimonial:

     "Thank you Karri, for my emergency Craniosacral treatment last week! I am still feeling complete relief from my flare-up. I had spent three days unable to move my neck without extreme pain, and experienced complete relief from my symptoms immediately after my first session. Thank you again!"